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We provide a fun, hands on approach to STEM learning

We design our classes to meet students at their grade level and focus on NGSS aligned projects.Our curriculum is designed to be relevant to young minds across multiple science and engineering concepts.

Through out STEM classes we strive to create equitable and hands on STEM learning opportunities for K-3 students.

 We believe that an early curiosity in STEM and understanding of building blocks will encourage students to pursue higher education in STEM and gain better understanding of the world to build 21st-century skills.

Our co-founders are a strong team of two tech minded Bay Area parents who bring 20+ years of practical STEM experience over multiple streams of electronics, engineering, computation, software and application design.


Their journey began more than a decade ago when they co-founded RootsForKids, a very successful and popular Afterschool program in the Peninsula.

Our Founders

RFK was borne from their need for a well balanced program for their kids when they felt that other after schools were unstructured with no room to support  a young child's natural learning curiosity. This led them to create and launch an extremely well balanced academics + enrichment focused, one-stop solution for working parents. Today RFK is one of the largest and best received independent programs in the community with multiple locations. Please visit for more information.


Particularly after COVID - they saw firsthand the challenges faced by teachers in public education due to the combined lack of funding and human resources, specially around STEM. They recognized the urgent need for a program that could fill this gap. STEM Matters was launched after many months of research into existing school curriculum of elementary grades, study of the NGSS curriculum and the decade+ practical experience of the founders of working closely with elementary school kids, teachers and administration. This gave STEM Matters the unique ability to provide  a customized curriculum aligned to the grade level pacing of science in the child's school, thereby keeping education relevant and aligned to school learning.

Our Team

All of our team members are carefully selected, highly trained and background checked. They come from varied careers and educational backgrounds where they have shown a passion and understanding of STEM concepts. They undergo detailed training in the STEM Matters curriculum and are well versed with lesson plans and learning outcomes. However, most importantly, they all share a common enthusiasm for shaping young minds and planting the seed of curiosity and exploration. Many of our instructors have prior experience of leading classes, activities or even summer camps for years. 
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